Our team at SimpleOSF values all support and donations contributing to the advancement of open-source software. 
All the current core advisers to the board have volunteered thousands of hours of their time and wisdom outside of their already busy professional daily careers in healthcare and educational institutions. 
Our SimpleOSF directors and founder contributed their time and significant initial funds to the advancement of this organization mission and as such are truly committed to open-source software cause. Our signatory directors are proud to further support this non-profit idea of transparency and are not looking for remuneration.
All our organization core participants are also curious and generous people that have some life outside of their involvement here and their other professions. They manage to enjoy their various hobbies and are grateful for any quality time with their friends and family.

Advisors to the Board

Adrian Starzynski, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Adrian is an entrepreneur and part of consulting team of other healthcare related integrators/inventors with proven track record in industry in Ontario and BC.
He provided IT support and training to over 50 physicians on OSCAR EMR. His expertise, dedication and almost 24/7 problem solving and adaptation ability was tremendous help to local community and doctors during those challenging times of pandemic. His willingness to adopt and accommodate others was paramount to all involved. 
While using other open-source software and OSCAR, he noticed opportunity for enhancement of the program and he contributes to code and add-ons on a regular basis to make the applications better and more feature-rich. After seeing requests for continuous development, bug fixes and feature implementations needed for OSCAR, Adrian initiated this non-profit to improve open-source software including OSCAR EMR by creating bug/feature bounty program which lets users of the open-source software contribute to feature/bug fixes that are important to them and the community. 
Adrian’s idea of this non-profit SimpleOSF has a simple mission; to organize funds for development of the targeted open-source projects and with the counsel of our team to distribute them directly to approved knowledgeable coders who fix the bugs/features requested by the community with efficiency afforded by utilising all modern tools of collaboration with the participants and with minimal administrative burden. 
In his time away from studies and supporting various open-source projects Adrian enjoys playing piano and violin and participating in periodic recitals with local music talents.

Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD CCFP FCFP
General Practitioner, Adjunct Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. Hutten-Czapski is a Haileybury Ontario-based general practitioner specializing in rural family medicine. He has been practising in Northern Ontario since 1989 and is a professor with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Dr. Hutten-Czapski has written and lectured widely on issues affecting the practice of medicine in rural areas, and has been presented with several research awards including the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine Outstanding Research Article Award, the Douglas M. Robb Research Award for outstanding research in Family Medicine, and has earned several Ontario Medical Association research grants. Dr. Hutten-Czapski has also been technical committee chair for the OSCAR EMR project until that organization was dissolved. He is a key active contributor to the OSCAR open-source project and has devoted two decades to the OSCAR project by volunteering in many aspects including oversight of the code review committee, general product architecture, design and optimization, defect analysis and resolution, and security, privacy and interoperability.

Board of Directors

Dr. Henryk Pietrus, MD CCFP

Dr. Pietrus has been actively practicing medicine for over 30 years in Canada and the United States at emergency rooms, urgent care clinics and family practice together with his wife also family doctor.
Dr. Pietrus is a great support for the community, likeable by thousands of patients and mentor for his colleagues. He brings lots of positive energy to our team and great sense of humour. He knows how valuable great EMR system is during (and after!) every patient encounter. His open minded and team playing attitude is especially encouraging to our developers. Dr. Pietrus is a proud father to 3 kids (also MDs) and cute grandkids that keep him and his wife very busy in their time away from the community.

Dr. Dorota Marczuk, MD CCFP FCFP

Dr. Marczuk is a busy family physician and is lead of London Doctors’ Relief Service after hours clinic.
She is Adjunct Professor at The Department of Family Medicine at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University. She taught clinical skills course to medical students and provides clinical training to medical students and residents from Schulich Medical School and trainees from the Northern Ontario
School of Medicine. For many years she has been an examiner for national certifying examinations for the Canadian College of Family Physicians. She is also consulting patients referred from London and area for Vandenbos procedure. While training future doctors she is always excited to expose them to innovative electronic workflow and integration of multiplatform systems into a seamless paperless workflow. She shares her experience with IT teams for further optimization of systems' functionality in daily practice. She is enthusiastic about contributing to open-source medical records projects that are often customized for doctors by doctors. In her free time she enjoys hiking and gardening. 

Stefan Starzynski, President

Stefan has over 20 years’ experience running successful companies, negotiations, developing commercial building projects and administering medical clinics on OSCAR EMR. The companies he founded were awarded contracts with many key players in the technology market including the most prestigious for Stefan, a project at NASA, FL supporting space shuttle program and opportunity to work with brilliant engineering minds and at the same time very humble individuals of the by gone era. Outside of his daily business engagements and responsibilities, Stefan is an avid outdoorsman, who loves sailing our Great Canadian Lakes and any wilderness adventures.