SIMPLEOSF is involved in several key projects that are improving technology and healthcare collaboratively.

  • - the largest eForm, tips and knowledge site for OSCAR-based EMRs
  • eForm creation for improving access to care and reducing clinician's administrative burden
  • Improving open-source projects, fixing bugs and adding features
  • Educating users on time-saving resources and training for the healthcare technology sector in Canada
  • - the only complete training course for OSCAR-based EMRs
  • Providing educational content and research opportunities for post-secondary students in Canada so young minds can realize the impacts of open source technology in practice
  • - the only online directory of Canadian pharmacies. Find the pharmacy you are looking for and get details such as pharmacy name, address, fax number, map, copy to clipboard, and more.
  • Advance EMR users' ability to use digital health tools more effectively and advise of upcoming improvements
  • Collaborating with healthcare providers' interests in new improvements to the use of digital tools in the healthcare system, and address stakeholders such as eHealth authorities, support providers, medical associations, and health teams
  • Advocating for the priorities of healthcare users; our Board of Directors is comprised of physicians

Above all, our nonprofit is dedicated to making positive technological improvements happen efficiently with minimal administrative burden.

See our article on Improved Care Accessibility by Seamless Referrals where we address the solution to the healthcare paperwork crisis.