We accept sponsorships from companies who are interested in making a difference by helping cover our operating expenses and donate to fund development of the open-source projects we support.

Funds from sponsors do not go to the directors of this nonprofit; funds are used to cover operating expenses and general development of the project.

We have strict rules for engagement of sponsoring companies, as to not allow any special interests to leak in. Sponsors are a key tool in furthering our mission of making community-requested bug fixes/feature implementations rapidly without time-wasting bureaucracy, as sponsors can help with the costs.

Some of the things sponsorship funds can help with:

  • ongoing development costs
  • bounties from our bounty program
  • operational costs
  • website costs for some of the open source projects we support

If you are an interested sponsor, please make a sponsorship donation via the methods below and contact [email protected] to have your company listed as a sponsor on this site.

  • Interac E-Transfer to [email protected]
  • Cheque made payable to "SimpleOSF" and mailed to 595 Wonderland Rd N, London, ON N6H 3E2
  • Online donation with card or PayPal via this link

Current Sponsors

Cortico Health Technologies

Online booking and patient engagement suite that integrates directly with OSCAR and ACCURO EMRs.


  • best EMR-integrated online booking system in Canada
  • preferred pharmacy sync with appointment schedule
  • telemedicine, integrated telehealth platform for video calls
  • automated appointment reminders
  • patient registration and check-in terminals
  • secure messaging/document sharing plugin
  • accept uninsured services payments in online booking
  • eReferrals, specialist booking workflows
  • wait time estimation, clinic business intelligence
  • patient intake forms, EMR work automation
  • see more features

Visit Cortico.health